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HR Consultant/Bestselling Author/Strategic Coach

Christal Newkirk is an 2X International Bestselling Author, Strategic Coach, Real Estate Investor and HR Consultant with 20 years of Diversity Recruitment, Corporate Talent Acquisition and Affirmative Action Compliance experience working with Fortune 500 companies such as Siemens, The Home Depot, AT&T, The Coca Cola Company, Goodyear and Honeywell. She earned her Master of Science Management degree in Process Improvement and Bachelor’s degree of Marketing from North Carolina State University. Christal also completed her coaching certification with The John Maxwell Team. She provides business mentoring resources to female entrepreneurs and strategic development coaching to corporate professionals.


As a SCORE Certified Business Mentor, Christal loves helping entrepreneurs launch or grow their business in her free time. As a Strategic Coach, she also offers coaching workshops that are designed to develop strategic thinking, set S.M.A.R.T. goals, build competitive uniqueness and accelerate results for personal and business growth.

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Meet Christal The Coach

D.I.V.E transformational coaching program
(6 weeks intensive)

Business or Personal Development session

DIVE transformational coaching program is designed to help women overcome negative self talk, build self-confidence, align goals with purpose/passion and ultimately live a purposeful life they love.

D.I.V.E transformational coaching program includes:
D - Define vision & develop strategic thinking

I - Identify obstacles & Inspire strategic direction

V - Value-based education to create competitive advantage

E - Evaluate and measure results, reflect learnings & celebrate 

Group Coaching programs

Christal is launching group coaching programs with online courses.  More details to come soon.

"I am a woman PHENOMENALLY.  Phenomenal Woman, that's ME."    -Maya Angelou

White Feather

“I met Christal while attending a Career Services workshop at Transformation Church.  I’ve been working with my employer for 16 years and was depressed after being laid-off.  I’ve applied for lots of jobs before attending the workshop, but I felt stuck.  Christal was very attentive and caring.  She asked powerful questions that challenged me to think about the next chapter of my life.  Christal provided an online assessment; so that, I could identify my strengths and understand my unique talents.  On our next coaching session, she provided resume feedback, helped me with updating my LinkedIn profile and identifying right positions based upon my skillset, passion and experience.  After following Christal’s recommendations, prayer and researching jobs, I’m happy to share that I landed my dream job within 60 days.  Thank you Christal for being patient and pushing me out of my comfort zone.  You are an awesome Solutions Strategist and Business Coach in my business and personal life. ”

Kenya Moore

Sr Project Manager

White Feather

“I attended Christal’s Charlotte Women Investors and Wholesaling Newbie meetup in Jan 2019.  As a single parent, new Agent and aspiring Entrepreneur, I was interested in learning Real Estate Wholesaling, but I could not afford to pay thousands of dollars for education, systems and online tools.  During Christal’s meetup, she made the point to meet every person, asked questions about our background and level of experience and get to know me personally.  She was friendly and very knowledgeable about Real Estate Investment and business systems. During this meetup, she provided an overview about Wholesaling process and shared free, educational videos concerning lead generation, marketing, etc.  After joining Christal’s coaching program for 2 months, I closed my first deal and made 5K. Thanks Christal for your time, education and resources. Her wealth of knowledge was valuable. When I am ready to automate my business, I’m looking forward to working with Christal again as my Business Coach.

Jamailah Williams

Keller Williams

Real Estate Agent

White Feather

“As a struggling Entrepreneur and new to the Charlotte area, I met Christal Newkirk at a Real Estate Investment networking event.  She was friendly and very helpful with learning the Charlotte market and meeting new people.  In Sept 2019, I attended her Charlotte Women Investors and Wholesaling Newbies meetup.  Shortly thereafter, I’ve joined Christal’s coaching program and worked with her 1:1 for 60 days. We closed 2 deals together as JV partners.  During this time, I was equipped with the right education, tools and system to build my real estate business.  Since I’ve completed Christal’s coaching program, I’ve closed 10 more deals over 4 months. I am very thankful for the opportunity to partnered with Christal as an new Entrepreneur. Christal is an amazing Business Coach.  I am very happy to have her on my Power Team and highly recommend her to any new Entrepreneur and/or Seasoned Entrepreneur that is looking to scale their business.”

Tiffany Davis, Owner

Davis Consulting firm

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